Achieve higher performance through the effective use of data

Beautiful Data Visualizations

Dashboards. Analytics.

We make your data Accessible, Beautiful, Intuitive.

BaselineEdge delivers unprecedented technology into the hands of educators, allowing them to quickly visualize and explore district, school, student and staff data in one centralized solution. The number one goal of this technology is to make it quick and easy to securely explore your data.

Bring All of Your Data Together

Break down your silos

You have a lot of valuable student, staff and operational performance data across many different systems and sources. This makes is very difficult to quickly see how you are doing. BaselineEdge brings all data together in one location. Educators can sort and filter the data to identify at-risk students, pinpoint why a student is struggling and determine the best ways to support that student. Administrators can view teacher effectiveness analytics data from your evaluation and professional development systems. In operations, you can bring together all of the important key performance indicators across multiple departments.

Comprehensive Performance Management For All Areas of Your District

Covers all 3 main areas

BaselineEdge covers all bases. As a high performing school district you have 3 main goals: Increase student achievement, maximize teacher effectiveness and improve operational efficiency. We have innovative tools to help you drive performance in all 3 areas.

Take Action From Your Data

Transforming your data into action

Performance improvements are realized when educators and administrators create personalized success plans based on best practices and manage and track those plans to completion. We uniquely allows users to take action directly from the data. 

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